Midwifery Programs in Kansas

Midwifery School in Kansas - KS

Admission into a midwifery school in Kansas requires, among other things, an application, official academic transcripts, a statement of personal career objectives, and three letters of recommendation. You must also be a registered nurse with an undergraduate degree in nursing. A personal interview may also be required. Many of the courses are designed to be taken as distance learning via the Internet rather than in an actual classroom setting. In these instances the interaction with instructors and other students takes place via computer interface each week. Attendance at on-campus clinical seminars several times during the semester is still required.

Preparing for a career in midwifery can begin in an undergraduate program. A bachelor’s degree in nursing is the most efficient course of study. Courses in physiology and anatomy, biology, microbiology, and medical terminology will be included. In addition, courses that deal with women’s issues, sociology, and psychology would also be good choices for a nurse-midwife in training. Throughout the educational process, both for an undergraduate degree in nursing and a graduate degree in nurse-midwifery, clinical experience will be an important learning tool. Working with patients under the supervision of a qualified and certified nurse or certified nurse-midwife allows students to navigate real-life scenarios that are difficult to duplicate in an academic setting.

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