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Kansas Occupational Therapy Degrees

With an average wind speed of 14 mph and a potential for more intense conditions, the winds of Dodge City, Kansas are enough to make an Unbreakable Umbrella fear the possibility of being split in half. Despite their fearsome blowing, Kansas' high winds have given green collar workers—the people who maintain and repair wind turbines, solar panels, and other alternate energy sources—a place to live, practice, and play. Occupational Therapists can also gain from the increased use of green energy, especially as Kansas' residents pursue other forms of rehabilitative therapy.

Kansas Occupational Therapist Training

An Occupational therapy Master's program in the State of Kansas will take three full years to complete. MSOT programs require a year-round commitment, meaning that students devote their summers to fieldwork and their remaining semesters to academic study. Typical Kansas occupational therapy courses consist of classes in human anatomy, lifespan development, neuroscience, clinical reasoning, family and community service systems, and theory and practice (courses may vary depending on the program's focus).

All occupational therapy licenses expire within two years of their initial issue. When Occupational Therapists go to renew their licenses, they must present KSBHA with a record of their continuing education efforts. Occupational Therapists in the State of Kansas are required to complete 40 continuing education credits before their license expires. They typically begin this process after their first renewal period, and slowly acquire credits throughout the 24 month period.

Continuing education credits must be offered through a credible and recognized organization in order to be considered valid. They must also be geared toward developing a professional's skills in occupational therapy, and can come in the form of lectures, panels, workshops, symposiums, college courses, webinars, or Internet courses.

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