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How to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant in Kansas – KS

Steps to Becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant in Kansas

Education and Training
Depending on your budget and time available, there are several different routes to obtaining the education you need to become a physical therapist’s assistant in the state of Kansas. Many four-year colleges offer PTA programs but you can also choose a less expensive—often more flexible---program at a community college. They range in the time it takes to complete them, but most can be finished in about two years.

Most physical therapy assistant training programs in Kansas require prerequisites including algebra, anatomy, physiology, psychology and ethics. Once admitted to the program (which usually requires certain classes to be completed with a certain grade point average), students are likely to take a selection of neuromuscular rehabilitation, pathophysiology, and clinical skills. Keep in mind that you will have to apply to get into the PTA program and some schools only accept 20 or 30 participants each year. Courses will include both lectures and laboratory work often including a practicum with local healthcare providers.

Before graduation, all PTA students must take both written and practical exams. The National Physical Therapy Examination for the Physical Therapist Assistant is a comprehensive exam that will determine a student’s competency and readiness for an entry-level PTA position. Their website is full of terrific information to prepare students for the exam, to register for the tests and so on. Useful information, access to study guides and online registration can be found at: https://pt.fsbpt.net/

 Upon passing, they will graduate with an Associate of Science degree and be prepared to apply for licensure from the state. 

Once you complete your coursework, you will need to become certified by the Kansas State Board. To do that, you can visit:
 http://www.ksbha.org/licensing/09_10_09_pt_pta_app_fillable.pdf) or (http://www.ksbha.org/licensing/09_10_09_pt_pta_app_nonfill.pdf)  to download the application. Complete these and mail it back to the state board with an $80 check or complete the credit card authorization form. Processing takes 4-8 weeks and, unless there are omissions or questions about your application, you will be a licensed physical therapist’s assistant in the state of Kansas!

Finding a Job
Although there are only a few major metropolises in Kansas, the state has nearly 3 million people with many small, rural towns that are growing. These towns and cities will continue to require healthcare professionals. And, with a large percentage of Kansas residents working in agriculture and other physically arduous work, the chance to injury is high, thus increasing the need for exceptional physical therapists and their assistants even more.

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