Kansas Radiology Technician Certification - KS | Certificate

Radiology Tech Certification in Kansas – KS

Both the State of Kansas and many employers will want you have national certification from the American Registry of Radiology Technologists, also known as the ARRT. The ARRT examination will test you on a culmination of your learned studies and how they apply to the field and work of a radiology technician. You be required to know and understand all federal laws that surround the radiologic profession, as well as be able to understand what will be required from you in your job. The ARRT test is extremely important to your career and is a way of confirming that you are ready for entry as a radiology technician. The ARRT serves as the Kansas radiology tech certification.

There is a fee of $200 in order to take this test. You are allowed to retake this test as you need to, but you should know that there will be an additional cost to if you need to do so. All retests will be assessed a fee of $175 for each time that you retake the test.

After you have passed the test by the ARRT and received your certification, you will be held to the requirements of certification renewal. The ARRT states that you must have at least 24 hours of supplemental school for every two year period. That is their prerequisite for renewing your certification with them.

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