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Radiology Tech School in Kansas - KS

As stated above, the educational requirements in Kansas are slightly stricter than that of most states. The State of Kansas maintains that you must have the minimum of a four-year degree, which would be a bachelor’s degree, before you can be licensed. This is unusual because the majority of states only require an associate’s degree.

Bachelors’ degrees are usually used in this profession to work in specialty areas of radiology, like mammography. However, because your state requires this type of degree, you will be much further ahead that others who are just beginning to enter this career field. To make sure that there are no glitches and that your education is perceived with credibility, you should always aim at going to a school approved by the JRCERT.

There are some Kansas radiology technician schools, but you may not be aware that there are many online degree options for a radiology technician. Until recently, radiology students generally did not have the option of attending school in a virtual setting. However, now that the United States Department of Education has allowed the JRCERT to make affiliations and approvals over online schools, your choice of schools is truly unlimited.


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Through campus or online programs, aspiring Radiology Technicians in Wichita, Overland Park and Kansas City, Kansas may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the St. Luke's Hospital of Kansas, Mid-America Rehabilitation Hospital and Wesley Medical Center.
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