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How to Become a Radiology Tech in Kansas - KS

Step #1: Kansas State License

Kansas is one of the many states that provide a state licensing process for all of those interested in working as radiology technicians. This process is not voluntary but rather is mandatory if you want to find employment in Kansas.

Kansas is a little more stringent with their mandates than other states are over this particular profession. Here is a look at what will be required from you before you will be granted a state license:

  1. Graduation from a four-year educational program approved by the State Board of Education. There are a variety of Kansas radiology tech training programs.
  2. Certificate from the ARRT.
  3. Payment of all applicable fees to the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.

Kansas does also offer a temporary license for students while they are still in school. This permit can be obtained from the Board and expires 180 days after issuance or upon successful completion of the state licensure process, whichever comes first. Many students find this to be tremendous asset because it allows them to work under the supervision of a radiology technician while still continuing their studies.

The fee for the license application in Kansas is $50. The fee for the temporary license if $25. As a radiology technician in Kansas, you will be required to renew your license each year and must have at least 12 hours of continuing education before you can renew. Once you have met those requirements, the cost will be $30 to renew your state license.

Step# 2: State Board of Education

In Kansas, the State Board of Education has the option of approving or denying various different Kansas radiology tech training curriculums. Most of the time, however, the Board works in conjunction with the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, or the JRCERT, when approving schools.

The JRCERT is recognized at the national level for being one of the most authentic and reputable organizations to provide accreditation in the field of radiology. While it is not mandatory that the school you attend be accredited by the JRCERT, it is very likely that the Board will agree with the decisions made by the JRCERT. If you happen to stumble upon a school that you are interested in attending which is not approved by the JRCERT, you will most definitely need to confer with the State Board before making your decision on attending that school.

You should also be informed that most hospitals and clinics in Kansas are moving toward only hiring radiology technicians who can prove the completion of education from an institution recognized by JRCERT. So, while the Board can make the decision to accept a school that is not authenticated by the JRCERT, it is definitely in your better interest to attend a school that is.

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