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RN Salary in Kansas - KS

Kansas Registered Nurses Salaries

The average salary for registered nurses in Kansas in 2008 was $54,500, which is a 42% increase since 1999.  The average salary seems to have gone up relatively consistently in the past 10 years by about 4% annually, on average.  The national average salary for registered nurses in 2008 was about $65,000.  Average annual salaries for some of Kansas’s larger cities are given below.  Nurses in administrative or consulting positions tend to earn higher salaries than nurses at hospitals and physicians’ offices.

  • Hutchinson, Kansas RN Salary:  $68,000
  • Kansas City, Kansas RN Salary:  $56,000
  • Lawrence, Kansas RN Salary:  $54,000
  • Manhattan, Kansas RN Salary:  $53,000
  • Salina, Kansas RN Salary:  $55,000
  • Topeka, Kansas RN Salary:  $61,000
  • Wichita, Kansas RN Salary:  $67,000


Continuing Education for Registered Nurses in Kansas

Registered nursing licenses must be renewed every two years.  Licensed nurses are given 60 days prior notice before they must renew.  The renewal fee is $60.  In Kansas, 30 hours of continuing education must be completed.  Continuing education courses must be approved by the KSBN or a national nursing organization.

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