Surgical Technologist Salary in Kansas – KS

Surgical Technologist Salary in Kansas – KS

The average Kansas surgical technologist salary of $43,000 is dependent on many factors, namely your level of experience and time in the profession, what type of facility you work in, and your location in Kansas. As a new surgical technologist, don’t feel left out because you are lacking in work experience. Every new professional has to start somewhere, and employers are well aware of this. Many employers in Kansas, in fact, prefer to hire new candidates because of the drive and determination that they bring to the surgical team.

What type of facility you choose to work in is equally important to your surgical tech salary in Kansas. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated a 25% growth for this profession through 2018, with the majority of jobs being held in general hospital settings. What this means for you is that you should have lucrative employment options in various different types of facilities. According to the BLS, the highest paying jobs for surgical technologists in Kansas were in specialty surgery clinics, with the lowest paying jobs being in dental surgery clinics.

Because location can always have an impact on the pay you earn, here are some salary figures from various cities throughout Kansas:

  • Kansas City: $37,000
  • Wichita: $45,000
  • Topeka: $39,000
  • Overland Park: $37,000

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