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Cardiovascular Tech Salary in Kentucky - KY

Average Cardio Technologist Salaries in Kentucky

A cardiovascular tech salary in Kentucky can allow cardiovascular techs to live comfortably in a state with lower housing costs and a lower cost of living. On average, cardiovascular technicians in Kentucky earn between $43,000 and $59,000 per year, which can increase or decrease depending on their geographic location and professional demand.

According to Sperling's Best Places, the average cost of living in Louisville is 21.65 percent lower than the national average. Since the cost of living is lower in Louisville, a cardiovascular technician living in the area can expect to make less than a cardiovascular tech living in Lexington, New York City, or Chicago.

Cardiovascular technician salaries in Kentucky can also change based on the level of demand for cardiovascular techs in a certain area. Demand for cardiovascular technicians usually weighs on population size, health data, and the number of hospitals that are present in a certain area. If a large city like Lexington has more hospitals and health data that support a need for cardiovascular technicians, there is a chance that cardiovascular technicians will receive a higher rate of pay. Likewise, if a cardiovascular tech finds work in an area with fewer hospitals and a lower demand for cardiovascular technicians, she can expect a lower pay rate.

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