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Cardiovascular Technology Training in Kentucky - KY

Cardiovascular technology training in Kentucky typically consists of spending two years in a technical training program and up to one year in an on-site internship. Since cardiovascular technologist programs focus more heavily on providing students with technical knowledge and skills, students may not be required to take any general education courses. Instead, students spend their final year working under the close supervision of a cardiovascular technologist in an environment like that of Western State Hospital or Norton Hospital.

Though the State of Kentucky does not require cardiovascular technologists to obtain certification, it may be in a student's best interest to obtain cardiovascular technologist certification through an organization like the Association of Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). Certification through an organization like ARDMS can give any cardiovascular technologist a professional edge, primarily because organizations like ARDMS require their certificants to maintain certification by fulfilling a set of continuing education requirements.

Cardiovascular technologist certification is also very easy to obtain. As soon as an applicant has finished her education and training, she can apply to become a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer by taking an exam through ARDMS, or she can take an exam through another organization. Once she has passed the exam and fully obtained her certification, she can practice for up to two years in Kentucky.

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