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Kentucky CNA Salaries

One reason that more and more individuals are attracted to a career in health care, specifically as a CNA, is due to the positive career outlook expected in the coming years. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced that CNAs nationwide can look forward to an 18% growth in employment between the years 2008-2018.

This growth has, and will continue to open up job positions throughout Kentucky consequently. Currently, CNAs are earning an estimated $27,000/yr. Kentucky falls slightly above this average with CNAs earning salaries of around $28,000 annually. This amount is largely influenced by the amount of education, training and work experience an employee has acquired. However, geographic location is also a factor in salary earning potential. More rural regions of Kentucky will be challenging places to seek a job position because lower populations do not require as many CNAs as compared to more metropolitan regions where the number of hospitals and nursing home communities are much higher. Therefore, here are the salary averages for some of the larger cities in Kentucky:

Louisville:  $21,000/yr
Lexington:  $24,000/yr
Owensboro:  $23,000/yr
Bowling Greene:  $24,000/yr
Covington:  $23,000/yr

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