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Become a Dental Assistant in Kentucky - KY

Dental assistants and hygienists are able to perform similar tasks in Kentucky dental offices, but the requirements to become a hygienist are much tougher. Dental assistants in Kentucky, by law, are permitted to place, carve and polish amalgam restorations, apply topical anesthetic, place bands and bonding brackets, remove sutures, apply sealants, and many other tasks.

All you need to do to become a dental assistant in Kentucky is find a dentist who will hire you and train you to do your job. However, if you want to extend your responsibilities and perform radiography or coronal polishing, you need to be certified. This requires a six-hour course in radiography safety and either a four-hour radiography technique class or four hours training from a qualified dentist.

The Kentucky Board of Dentistry has developed an eight-hour coronal polishing course available at several schools in the state.

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