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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Kentucky - KY

The average lactation consultant salary in Kentucky is $87,000 a year. New and inexperienced lactation consultants in Kentucky, however, can expect to earn a little less, roughly 10% to 20%, than the state average due to a lack of recent experience. Even at 10% to 20% less, though, you will still be earning a decent amount of money until you gain a higher level of experience.

Likewise, it was estimated in 2006 that roughly 53.6% of all children in Kentucky were breastfed at some point throughout their lives. This demonstrates that there is a definite trend occurring in Kentucky, with more and more mothers beginning to realize the overall health benefits of breastfeeding from day one. With the BLS estimated 25% growth over the next 8 years for all health professions, it seems that there should be great opportunities for lactation consultants in Kentucky to find and secure work.

One of the ways to help gain experience and bolster your salary is to be involved with professional organizations, such as La Leche League of Kentucky and the WIC peer counseling program. These groups are resource outlets for mothers looking for a qualified lactation consultant, so involvement with these groups is integral to your career development.

Because salaries can fluctuate between cities, here are some of the lactation consultant salaries in Kentucky:

  • Louisville: $64,000
  • Lexington: $72,000
  • Owensboro: $68,000
  • Bowling Green: $74,000

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