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Long Term Care Schools in Kentucky - KY

The degree you’ll need to earn when undertaking a long term care education in Kentucky is very much dependent on the kind of job you want to secure.

Nursing aides and assistants won’t even need a degree; generally, a six-week to 3-month course on basic medical practices and patient assistance will be sufficient to allow them to enter the workforce.

RNs and BSNs will need to take special long-term care specific classes, in addition to their general nursing curriculum, as well as complete an internship at a nursing home. Long term care nurses will also, upon graduation, have to pass the nationally-certifying NCLEX-RN exam, as well as take a nursing exam endorsed by the Kentucky State Board, specially formatted for long term care professionals.

Nursing home administrators will earn at least a bachelor’s degree, and go back for their master’s to open up high-level jobs and promotional opportunities. Your curriculum will blend business, social science, accounting, and management classes. Nursing home administrators in Kentucky also need to complete a 6-month internship, and take the National Nursing Home Administrators Examination.

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