Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Kentucky

Medical Billing & Coding Salary in Kentucky - KY

According to a 2010 report released by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 181,000 adult Kentucky residents are currently suffering from serious mental illness, and unfortunately, so are 45,000 children. However, only 18% of diagnosed residents were being medically treated for their mental condition. With new government regulations in place to extend the benefits of healthcare to more residents in Kentucky, an additional 185,320 residents may begin seeking treatment; a situation that is certainly going to demand a more comprehensive staff of medical billing and coding professionals in Kentucky.

In May 2015, the average medical billing and coding salary in Kentucky was $36,010, which was approximately $17.13 every hour. With the future of healthcare allowing more residents to seek medical care and debilitating medical conditions necessitating the need for medical care, the demand for medical billers and coders in Kentucky is certainly going to continue to rise, as will the rate of compensation.

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