Medical Office Manager Salary in Kentucky – KY

Sports are an incredibly important part of Kentucky's culture, and as such, strength conditioning coaches, athletic trainers and other sports related professionals are generally well paid. While the state's mean salary in the year 2006 was around $28,000, athletic trainers in Kentucky can expect to make from $33,000 to $44,000 in their first year.

Sports team support staff positions in Kentucky are still on the rise. Due to nationally increasing university attendance, gaining popularity of municipal recreational sports teams, and a recent rise in early retirees seeking one-on-one sports coaching, athletic trainers in Kentucky are all but guaranteed a rewarding, well paid career.

Beginning salaries for varying cities within Kentucky are shown below.

  • $33,000 in Owensboro, Kentucky
  • $36,000 in Lexington, Kentucky
  • $44,000 in Louisville, Kentucky

In addition to employment opportunities through Kentucky's public schools, universities, and professional sports teams, many athletic trainers supplement their annual income through private training sessions or sports event officiating. Properly educated and thoroughly motivated athletic trainers stand to gain higher wages and incredibly rewarding, satisfying work through self-employment. As much as 16% of the strength conditioning coaches in Kentucky are self-employed and report a higher than average income for the profession.

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