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Kentucky Medical Technician Education and Degrees

Because of the job scope of a medical technician in Kentucky, there is simply no way that a person could get hired for this job without education. The job is very intense and requires a firm grasp of medical knowledge and is simply not suitable to a Kentucky student that has not trained for it.

That means that a Kentucky student should have to the proper schooling behind them before they attempt to find a position as a medical technician. A prospective student of a Kentucky medical technician training program can do this by going to school for an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in medical sciences.

The associate’s degree takes roughly two years of intense study to complete and will be effective as an entry-level means of getting a job in this profession. The bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, can certainly help to ensure that a Kentucky student gets a job as a medical technician; but it also provides the basis of education for substantial growth in the medical field.

Still, both the associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree mean nothing in the world of a medical technician if they do not come from a nationally accredited school. Hospitals, physicians and clinics will be looking for accreditation and certification when they are filling medical technician positions. It is important not to waste time and money by not attending an accredited school with an accredited degree program.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that most medical technicians earn yearly in the neighborhood of $35,000; however, the type of degree and certification held by a medical technician can greatly impact that number.


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