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Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Kentucky - KY

Kentucky Medical Transcription Training Programs

Kentucky is one of the greater southern states and is recognized for its gorgeous rolling hills of land and quiet, tranquil southern setting. While Kentucky is home to large cities like Louisville, there is still much Civil War history to be found in the back woods there.

In addition to that, Kentucky is a great place to begin a career as a medical transcriptionist. There are many large hospitals and clinics, as well as smaller town physicians who are eager to find the most qualified medical transcriptionists on the market.

Steps to Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Kentucky

No state regulation of licensing currently resides over medical transcriptions in Kentucky. Because Kentucky does not require their medical transcriptionists to be licensed by law, there are other accreditations and credentials that a Kentucky student can seek out to make sure that they are recognized as competent and able to work in the medical transcription profession.

The AHDI, or Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity, is the association responsible for adhering to the laws and procedures that medical transcriptionists must follow. This is the only association which oversees medical transcription and, as such, they are a very highly respected name. With that in mind, the only viable way for a student of medical transcription to be recognized as valuable in this profession is to attend a school approved by the Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity, or AHDI. There are several programs for medical transcription training in Kentucky, mostly through online schools.

The AHDI has a firm grasp over all of the procedures and laws which are constantly changing in this profession. Likewise, they are also abreast of the most recent privacy laws and only hand out their accreditation to schools that provide the best source of educational training in regards to medical transcription.

Because the AHDI holds such a strong presence in this career field, most hospitals, clinics and physicians will be looking to this association to turn out only the most qualified of all Kentucky students. What this means to a student in Kentucky is that you are going to find it most difficult to get work without the schooling accreditation of the AHDI to back you up.

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