Midwife Salary in Kentucky - KY

Midwife Salary in Kentucky - KY

Kentucky Midwife Salaries

On average, midwives’ salaries in Kentucky are about $94,000 each year. Recently graduated and certified midwives naturally do earn as much money annually as those that are more seasoned. However, the longer you continue to advance within this profession and expand your patient base, the more money you will inevitably earn. Keep in mind that there are many aspects that essentially play into determining a salary figure.

The first aspect is geographical location. Kentucky has both large rural and suburban areas to choose from. Midwives in larger suburban areas and metropolises theoretically earn more because there is a larger patient base and typically more medically advanced equipment available, although smaller, more rural areas receive a great deal of funding to help them compete.

The next aspect to consider is level of experience. As a new midwife, your experience will undoubtedly be limited, but that does not deter hiring in Kentucky. In fact, most employers are eager to hire new midwives because of the flexibility and recent training that they bring to the profession. As you continue on in this profession, you will gain the trust of patients and develop a career that is truly your own.

Below are some annual salaries for cities in Kentucky:

  • Louisville: $70,000
  • Lexington: $80,000
  • Owensboro: $74,000
  • Bowling Green: $79,000
  • Covington: $75,000

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