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How to Become an MRI Technician in Kentucky

In Kentucky, MRI technician training will be the next step you take after you have completed your education. These intern-based training programs are designed to give you a hands-on feel for the field of MRI technology, and this will inarguably be the most valuable aspect of your educational preparation in how to become an MRI technician in Kentucky.

In general, MRI technician training programs in Kentucky can be completed within 3 to 6 months, depending on whether you decide to train full-time or part-time. Because this is not a licensed profession in Kentucky, the individual school is responsible for determining the appropriate number of contact hours required.

Working under the direct supervision of certified MRI technicians, you will gain the knowledge and expertise needed to help you become as successful as possible as. You can count on learning some valuable lessons during this training program, including:

  • Techniques and maneuvers for positioning patients
  • Communication with patients about procedures
  • Usage, operation, and setting of MRI equipment
  • Facility protocol to ensure patient safety

Again, there is not a state licensing requirement in Kentucky for this profession. However, the majority of hospitals and clinics in Kentucky will be looking for MRI technicians that have been certified. You can obtain MRI technician certification from the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists (ARMRIT).

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