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Kentucky Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - KY

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Kentucky

The average annual salary for nuclear medicine technologists in Kentucky is $71,000, six percent above the nationwide average.  Nuclear medicine technologists in Kentucky who excel in their positions or have specialized experience can earn as much as $98,000 a year.  However, salaries for nuclear medicine technologists may vary dramatically within the state.  Several factors influence these variances, the most important being location.  Wages fluctuate from city to city and region to region based on patient demand, cost of living, and other local conditions.  In some cities in Kentucky, average wages for a nuclear medicine technologist may fall below the overall state average.  For instance, the average nuclear medicine technologist in Louisville makes $51,000 a year.  In Covington, located in northern Kentucky, annual wages average $56,000.  In Owensboro, the average salary for a nuclear medicine technologist is $54,000.  Salaries are often higher in rural areas where demand for trained and skilled nuclear medicine technologists tends to be greater.

Demand for nuclear medicine technologists is expected to grow at a rate significantly above average well into the coming decade.  This growth in job opportunities will be fueled largely by the aging of the American population, which will spur increased demand for nuclear medicine treatments and diagnostic procedures.  In addition, the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies will create new opportunities for those who practice nuclear medicine.

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