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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Kentucky - KY

Nuclear medicine technologist schools in Kentucky offer a range of educational opportunities from two-year and four-year college degrees to graduate certificates and master’s degrees.  Those planning to study nuclear medicine at the college level with the aim of pursuing a career in the field of nuclear medicine will need a solid undergraduate background in the hard and natural sciences.  The aspiring nuclear medicine technologist should be ready to complete a demanding course load, including classes in physics, physiology, anatomy, chemistry, advanced mathematics, and computer science. 

Educational institutions offering study programs for nuclear medicine technologists include colleges and universities that offer associate and bachelor degrees, as well as graduate degree and certificate programs. To be licensed in Kentucky, future nuclear medicine technologists must obtain their training through a program that has the approval of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.  Undergraduate students planning to become nuclear medicine technologists should immerse themselves in as many science and math courses as possible.  This academic foundation will serve as a solid preparation for more advanced work in electronic instrumentation, radiological physics, radiation biology, radiochemistry, diagnostic imaging, radiation dosimetry, and radiation therapy.  Clinics and practicums will enable students in nuclear medicine to obtain hands-on experience in patient interaction, radiation protection standards, instrument calibration, and computer applications.  Pursuing clinical training in a cutting edge specialty such as nuclear cardiology will provide a future nuclear medicine technologist with a wider choice of career paths, as will training in multiple diagnostic procedures and radiologic therapies.

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