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Kentucky Occupational Therapist Salaries

Salary for Occupational Therapists in Kentucky

According to, an occupational therapist in Kentucky generally earns $94,000. also reports the following salaries by city in Kentucky for occupational therapists:

Louisville, Kentucky occupational therapist salary:  $72,000
Lexington, Kentucky occupational therapist salary:  $83,000
Owensboro, Kentucky occupational therapist salary:  $80,000
Bowling Green, Kentucky occupational therapist salary:  $82,000
Covington, Kentucky occupational therapist salary:  $80,000
Richmond, Kentucky occupational therapist salary:  $85,000
Hopkinsville, Kentucky occupational therapist salary:  $81,000
Henderson, Kentucky occupational therapist salary:  $81,000
Frankfort, Kentucky occupational therapist salary:  $86,000

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2006, salaries were around $60,470 for most occupational therapists with a range from $53,450 to $73,710 for the lowest and highest salaries at the time.  These amounts have most likely risen with the increase in the aging population and demand for occupational therapists’ services.  The highest salaries reported were in home health care service environments with a salary of $67,600.  The least amount was earned in the elementary and secondary school setting with a salary of $54,260.  Median amounts were found in nursing homes, offices of physical therapists, audiologists, speech therapists, and hospitals. reports that the median salary for an occupational therapist is $67,094.  This is in line with what the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.  It appears that the state of Kentucky pays occupational therapists more than the national average. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics goes on to say that to advance in the field of occupational therapy, one could choose to specialize, such as in a certain sector like gerontology, or could teach.  An occupational therapist could also opt to become a supervisor.

Kentucky-Specific Professional Organizations

Kentucky’s state-level professional organization for occupational therapists is the Kentucky Occupational Therapy Association (KOTA).  Their contact information is below.

Kentucky Occupational Therapy Association (KOTA)
P.O. Box 5531
Louisville, KY 40255
Telephone:  (888) 987-KOTA (5682)

There are various levels of membership in KOTA and various fees for the levels of membership.  For basic membership for an occupational therapist, the fee is $60.  KOTA offers an annual conference and information on continuing education, among other benefits.  Members get reduced rates for continuing education as well as the conference.  It also offers networking opportunities with other members of KOTA.  Membership is broken into various districts, by state and there are various committees as well.  Occupational therapy assistants are also able to join at a reduced rate as are students in occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant programs.


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