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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Kentucky - KY

The amounts, by individual city, are lower than the average state amount of $60,000.  The average seems more likely to be in the $50,000 range in the largest cities in the state of Kentucky rather than $60,000.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average range of salaries for a personal trainer is from $19,610 to $44,420.  This is significantly less than what is reported by for salaries in Kentucky.  The Bureau’s data was from 2008 so salaries may have gone up and also data is from a national level so it could be that Kentucky metropolitan areas pay more for personal trainers. This bodes well for those in Kentucky who would like to investigate personal training as a career choice.

Employers for personal trainers could range from fitness clubs and gyms to individuals, and personal trainers can work for themselves.  More information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that, in 2006, of all fitness workers, 8 percent were self-employed.  A large number of this group includes those who are practicing as personal trainers.  Other options are working for corporations, on a cruise ship, or doing group training, according to, and many other options.  A personal trainer can also start out working part-time and move to full-time work or stay part-time.  There are many options for where and how to work as personal trainers and they can manipulate their schedules to work for them.

According to, the average Kentucky personal trainer salary is approximately $60,000.  The average Kentucky personal trainer salary by individual city is as follows:

Louisville:  $46,000
Lexington:  $53,000
Owensboro:  $51,000
Bowling Green:  $52,000
Covington:  $51,000
Richmond:  $54,000
Hopkinsville:  $51,000
Henderson:  $52,000
Florence:  $51,000
Frankfort:  $55,000

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