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Kentucky Pharmacy Tech Certificate – KY

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Kentucky

The population of Kentucky has steadily risen by almost 800,000 over the last ten years, and the economy has kept pace, maintaining strong ties to the states industrial and mining roots, while encouraging the growth of business and technological centers.

Few things are as necessary to a growing population and a diversifying workforce then proper medical care, and as a result the medical and health industry has done quite well in Kentucky even through the recent downturn, growing even as most other sectors shrink.

  1. Begin looking into Kentucky Pharmacy Technician certification programs, offered at most community colleges and technical schools, as well as online anywhere in Kentucky.
  2. A solid majority of what a Pharmacy Tech does is public interface and customer service. If you have little experience in that you might consider getting a job that will train you for interaction with the public, or taking classes in speech and customer service as you work towards your Kentucky Pharmacy Technician certification.
  3. Upon graduation, you need to register with the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy. This registration can be done online or by mail, and the registration certificate must be kept on you at all times when working, displayed at your place of work, and remains valid for one year.
  4. For increased salary and job opportunities, you might consider enrolling in a program accredited by the PTCB or the ICPT. This allows you to take either of the organizations certification exams and become a Certified Pharmacy Technician.
  5. Begin looking for work. Louisville has the highest number of employed Pharmacy Technicians, as well as the highest average salary, but in terms of new job opportunities it is more likely you'll find employment in less populated cities like Owensboro and Bowling Green.

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