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Phlebotomist Pay in Kentucky – KY

The average Kentucky phlebotomist salary is far above the national average for this field. With an average of $36,000 per year (according to this state far surpasses the national average of $24,000-25,000 per year. The below figures are the average salaries for phlebotomists in Kentucky’s major cities.

Kentucky Phlebotomist:  $36,000
Lexington Phlebotomist:  $31,000
Louisville Phlebotomist:  $27,000

Kentucky Phlebotomy Training

Phlebotomy careers are on the rise in Kentucky, where full-time Phlebotomists earn a maximum income of $36,000 per year. Since Kentucky's cost of living is 20 percent lower than the national average, potential phlebotomists can live comfortably and enjoy Kentucky's caves, national parks, horse tracks, shopping, and attractions.

The requirements for becoming a phlebotomist in Kentucky are less stringent than other careers. Phlebotomists in Kentucky are not required to have any sort of formal education beyond high school—they gain most of their skills and training on the job—but it is still beneficial for future phlebotomists to go through a phlebotomy certification program or get an Associate's degree in Phlebotomy, Nursing, Laboratory Science, or Medical Technology.  There are a variety of programs for phlebotomy training in Kentucky, both associate’s degree and certificate. Phlebotomy courses in Kentucky consist of a fundamental education on both blood collection as well as preparation for analysis.

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