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Physical Therapy Assistant Pay in Kentucky – KY

Kentucky Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

With an annual salary of $68,000, physical therapy assistants make about $2,000 more than the average Kentuckian. And, though there is a high concentration of PTAs in the state, both their numbers and their salaries are growing year over year.

The BLS notes that the mean salary for PTAs in Kentucky is closer to $43,000. This suggests that, with such a high average, there are likely some PTAs who make close to $30,000 AND some who make quite a bit more than the average. lists available PTA jobs with more than $80,000 annual salaries! Still, for a state with a large percentage of its population working in agriculture (for around $42,000 a year), even the mean salary of $43,000 is a good living.

According to, salaries in the major cities of Kentucky for PTAs are as follows:

  • Bowling Green: $59,000
  • Frankfort: $61,000
  • Lexington: $60,000
  • Louisville: $52,000
  • Owensboro: $56,000

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