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Respiratory Therapy Programs in Kentucky - KY

Becoming a respiratory therapist in Kentucky is becoming more popular due to the expected increase in the demand for this profession in the upcoming future.  With the baby boomers becoming older and an increasing improvement in technology there is an increasing need for respiratory therapists.  The average salary in Kentucky for this profession is $55,000 and can be expected to grow as one advances within the respiratory therapy field.

Specializing in neonatal, pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients is highly recommended in order to increase the worth of the respiratory therapist.  Some other areas that specialization is recommended to obtain includes home care, pulmonary function, education, emergency care, research, management, and rehabilitation. 

Most people within this profession hold a job at a hospital either in the department of respiratory care, pulmonary medicine, anesthesiology, or emergency medicine.  Some others work within home health agencies, ambulance transportation services, diagnostic testing centers, extended care facilities, or with oxygen and medical equipment rental companies.  Some other opportunities that are available to respiratory therapists are occupations within a clinical setting or an operating room providing assistance for a physician. 

Other Application and CEU information for Kentucky Respiratory Therapists

A limited or student license is necessary for students to obtain before they are allowed to work while attending online or campus based respiratory therapy schools.  This license is $50 and lasts for three years and will expire once they graduate whether there is time left on the license or not.  In order to continue working, one is required to immediately apply for a temporary license through the KBRC.

A temporary license is available for $85 and lasts for six months, which covers the individual from their graduation date until they pass the NBRC credentialing examination.  One must send proof of their graduation in order to receive their license.

A mandatory license is available for $125 and is the last step in becoming a licensed respiratory therapist.  Once an individual passes the CRT exam they are supposed to send a copy of their test score with the license application with appropriate payment.  This license must be renewed every two years for a fee of $75 and obtain 24 continuing education units in order to continue working in the state of Kentucky.  All CEU must be obtained in or related to the field of respiratory care.

Through campus or online programs, aspiring Respiratory Therapists in Louisville, Lexington and Owensboro, Kentucky may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Western State Hospital, Norton Hospital and Western State Hospital.
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