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Veterinary Technician Schools in Kentucky

Veterinary technicians in Kansas will be in high demand over the coming years. Today, pets and farm animals get much more preventive care, which means they live longer and have more medical needs. That has led to an increase in the number of veterinarians and animal hospitals and a greater need for veterinary technicians. In addition, many older veterinary technicians are now retiring and leaving the work force, creating a large demand for new technicians. Most veterinary technicians work in veterinarians' offices, usually with pets such as dogs and cats; some work with horses and other large farm animals. Other employment areas for veterinary technicians include animal shelters, animal control agencies, biological research labs, and zoos.

Education for Veterinary Technicians in Kansas

Accredited Kansas vet tech schools teach veterinary technicians basic and advanced skills, such as preparing and administering drugs, preparing animals for surgery and assisting during surgery, and assisting in animal dental procedures. Veterinary technicians also learn how to educate owners in aspects of animal care, such as giving medication and taking care of injured animals.

Community colleges and online schools in Kansas offer accredited two-year veterinary technician programs leading to the associate of applied science degree. The programs are challenging and usually require full-time attendance for four full semesters. Because practical experience is an important part of the training, accredited programs include an internship in an animal treatment setting such as a veterinary practice, usually for at least eight weeks in the summer between the first and second years. The internship provides mentorship and valuable practical experience working with animals in a real-life setting.

Students considering veterinary technician training should only enroll in programs that are accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association ( Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities. In Kansas, only graduates of accredited programs who have also passed the AAVSB VTNE exam are eligible for state registration.

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Veterinary Techs in Louisville, Lexington and Owensboro, Kentucky can prepare themselves for careers at some of the best animal hospitals and facilities in the country.
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