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Becoming a Lactation Consultant in British Columbia - BC

Most lactation consultants who work in British Columbia choose to become internationally certified in addition to becoming members of the British Columbia Lactation Consultant Association. The steps outlining how to become a lactation consultant in British Columbia follow the pathway of education, clinical practice, and testing for certification. Lactation consultant certification in British Columbia is possible once you have completed your education. You must show proof of having completed coursework in specific subjects related to health care, record keeping and working with mothers and babies. In addition, the IBCLE (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners) will want proof that you have clinical experience actually working in a real-life setting with mothers and babies.

The certification test offered by the IBCLE will test all of the areas you have studied to ensure that you are well-prepared for jobs in lactation consulting within British Columbia. While certification is not a legal requirement of the position, IBCLE certification is recommended and even mandated by some employers in the province. Certification shows potential employers, clients and the public that you are a competent lactation consultant practitioner. Jobs are much more prevalent in British Columbia for IBCLE-certified lactation consultants than they are for non-certified lactation consultants.

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