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Lactation Consultant Salaries in British Columbia - BC

Lactation consultants are highly trained health care professionals who work with mothers and babies. They may or may not also have training in nursing. For the purpose of this report, we will look at the average lactation consultant salary in British Columbia for individuals without nursing training. According to, the average salary for a lactation consultant who works in British Columbia is $66,406. This high rate of pay shows that lactation consulting is a lucrative job in the health care profession, and one that is also emotionally and personally rewarding.

There are many jobs for lactation consultants, with or without nursing training, available across British Columbia. Currently, lists one position for a lactation consultant with nursing training and IBCLC certification. This is a part-time lactation support registered nurse at Vernon Jubilee Hospital in Vernon, offering an hourly salary between $29.89 and $39.24 (which averages to an annual salary range of $62,171 to $81,619). Another job currently available for a nursing school graduate lactation consultant in British Columbia is at BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre in Vancouver. While most of the lactation consultant jobs listed in British Columbia seem to be for individuals who have graduated from nursing school, keep in mind that this is not necessary when choosing to pursue this profession. However, those who are nursing school graduates will command a higher salary than lactation consultants without nurses’ training.

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