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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Québec - QC

Lactation consulting can be a rewarding profession, financially and emotionally. A study conducted by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) found that the average lactation consultant working in a hospital makes at least $60,000 annually. Of course, this pay increases for those who have registered nurse training. The average lactation consultant salary in Québec is difficult to pin down, but according to, is about $73,801 per year. This amounts to an hourly pay of about $35.48.

Jobs for lactation consultants are available across Québec, and although IBCLC credentials are preferred, they are not a mandate for many of these positions. Many hospitals advertise for lactation consultants with nursing experience and training. However, others who have graduated with the proper education and training and have become IBCLC certified go into private practice where they hire themselves out to new mothers in need of the services they provide. Québec hospitals that could potentially hire well-trained, properly qualified lactation consultants include Charles LeMoyne Hospital in Montréal, Pierre Boucher Hospital in Longueuil, Montréal General Hospital, Lakeshore General Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal, Douglas Hospital, and Royal Victoria Hospital.

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