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Lactation Consultant Schools in British Columbia - BC

The birth of a child is an exciting time in any new mother’s life. However, some new mothers experience problems when trying to breastfeed their new baby. This is where lactation consultants can help. Lactation consultants work with pregnant women and new mothers to teach them the benefits of breastfeeding, the techniques involved and to help with any medical issues they might have. Many students interested in the health care field decide to pursue lactation consultant training in British Columbia.

In order to become a lactation consultant in British Columbia, you must fulfill higher education requirements in specific health care disciplines. While you do not necessarily have to have an RN (Registered Nurse) degree, there are certain courses that must be completed in your program of health care education, some that are specific to lactation and others that fall in the general health care area. These include biology, anatomy and physiology, infant and child growth and development, nutrition, psychology, CPR, documentation, sociology and/or cultural diversity, medical terminology, professional ethics, occupational safety, immunology, and infectious disease. In addition, after graduation when you take an international certification test you will have to demonstrate that while in school, you completed hands-on clinical practice working with mothers and babies.

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