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Lactation Consultant Schools in Québec - QC

Students who enjoy working with mothers, babies and children and are thinking of getting into the discipline of health care might want to consider becoming a lactation consultant. These professionals are in high demand in Québec and other parts of Canada. Lactation consultant training in Québec should fulfill certain standards established by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). Although it is not illegal to practice lactation consulting without being certified by this organization, it is usually the accepted standard for the profession within Québec.

Your formal training and education in preparation for becoming a lactation consultant in Québec need not be in nursing, but must be in the health care discipline. Under IBLCE standards, you must complete certain courses in your program of study while in school, regardless of your degree. In addition to specific course requirements (including physiology, biology, anatomy and sociology), you must be able to demonstrate clinical competence in skills necessary for every lactation consultant. These skills are usually learned through clinical practice while in school. Called clinical competencies, these skills include communication, counseling, history taking and assessment, documentation, postpartum, problem-solving, maternal and infant breastfeeding challenges, and skills with certain devices you will use such as breast pumps and infant scales. 

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