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Become a CNA in Louisiana

How to Become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Louisiana

The first step to becoming a CNA in Louisiana is to gain the necessary training and education needed to sit for a state administered competency examination. Although federal regulations mandate that CNAs complete at least seventy-five hours of classroom and clinical training, nurse assistants in Louisiana must actually complete a minimum of eighty hours of educational training in a state approved CNA program to qualify for certification. Within these eighty hours, forty hours must de dedicated to classroom instruction through lectures, guest speakers, reading materials, videos and online exercises. The other remaining forty hours must take place in a clinical or laboratory setting (nursing home or hospital based skilled nursing facility unit), learning practical skills, medical tasks and patient interaction. The training program must be approved by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. Most nurse assistant programs in Louisiana will require a high diploma or GED, proof of immunizations, and an application fee ($35) to enroll.

After completing Louisiana CNA certification programs, students must then sit for a state competency examination. This test will consist of both skill demonstration and a written/oral section. In order to pass examination, Louisiana students must receive a 70% or better score to be considered a certified nurse’s assistant. Examination has to be taken with thirty days from the date the training program first began. In addition, nurse assistants must successfully gain certification within four months from the first day of training. This four month grace period is granted because nurse assistants get three chances to pass examination within a one-year time period. Certification is considered valid for two years from the date of certification. Also, a CNA must show proof of employment for at least eight hours every two years to remain certified. Certification automatically qualifies CNAs for the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry.

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