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Gerontology Degrees in Louisiana - LA

Gerontology degrees in Louisiana are typically granted at the graduate level through any of Louisiana's public and private colleges. Though it is becoming more common to see gerontology degrees granted at the undergraduate level, graduate certificates, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees are easier to come by.

To become a gerontology professional in Louisiana, you must first have a bachelor's degree in psychology, sociology, nursing, athletic training, or nutrition. You should also define your interests and career goals early (e.g., whether you plan to become a geriatric psychiatrist or nutritionist).

Once you have a clear idea of your personal interests and career goals, you should consider how a graduate certificate, master's degree, or doctoral degree would suit your needs. If you are a recent graduate with an interest in geriatric nursing or nutrition, you may want to begin your academic journey by obtaining a certificate in gerontology.

A certificate in gerontology is a highly interdisciplinary degree that focuses on relevant topics psychology, sociology, nutrition, athletic training, and physical therapy. Certificates are ideal if you want to gain a more global understanding of the field of gerontology (but are not yet ready to commit), or if you wish to segue into the field from another allied health career.

A master's or doctoral degree, on the other hand, is more fitting if your profession requires graduate education and training as the minimum grounds for employment. Master's and doctoral programs in Louisiana deliver the same set of courses as certificate programs, but allow students to focus on a specific aspect of gerontology (psychology, human anatomy, etc).

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