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Louisiana Gerontologist Salaries - LA

Louisiana gerontologist salaries can vary between $45,000 and $95,000 per year. Compared to most states, the salaries for geriatrics professionals in Louisiana are a bit lower. Despite the lower salary earnings, any gerontology career can adequately sustain a single person or a family in Louisiana.

Nurses, nursing home managers, psychiatrists, and psychologists are the highest paid gerontology professionals in Louisiana. On average, these individuals make between $75,000 and $95,000 per year, with psychiatrists and psychologists sitting at the top of the pay scale and nurses at the lower end. Salaries also weigh heavily upon where a person lives. Geriatric psychologists and psychiatrists in Shrevport and Baton Rouge, for instance, tend to make more than their counterparts in New Orleans.

The pay landscape does not change much for nurses.  Although the salary plateaus for nurses at around $81,000 per year, you’ll find greater salary variations for nutritionists, speech pathologists, nursing home coordinators, and other gerontological professionals who sit at the lower end of the pay scale. According to, nutritionists and nursing home managers in Louisiana who specialize in geriatrics can earn an average of $45,000­–$75,000 per year. Out of this group, nutritionists, speech pathologists, and nursing home coordinators in the Shrevport and New Orleans metropolitan areas have the highest earning potential.

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring gerontologists in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport, Louisiana may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, CHRISTUS Schumpert Saint Mary Place, and Ochsner Medical Center.

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