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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Louisiana - LA

The typical lactation consultant salary in Louisiana is around $69,000 per year. It is not uncommon for newly graduated lactation consultants in Louisiana to earn roughly 10% less than the statewide average. As you gain experience through employment in hospitals and clinics in Louisiana, you will undoubtedly build your level of experience and entitle yourself to more money each year.

In 2006, it was estimated that an average of 49.6% of newborns and infants in Louisiana were breastfed, which shows a significant desire of mothers to nuture their children with the healthiest nutrition of all: breast milk. Furthermore, the BLS expects that general health occupations will grow by at least 25% through the year 2018. That growth combined with an increased desire of mothers to breast feed creates an equation that should allow for a stable job outlook in Louisiana.

If you want to add professionalism and accreditation to your portfolio of experience, the best way to do so is to get involved with the Louisiana Lactation Consultant Association. Your participation with this group will show your community that you are dedicated to the goals of breastfeeding and dedicated to helping mothers implement a breastfeeding schedule.

To show you how salary can vary between cities, listed below are some of the lactation consultant salaries in Louisiana by city:

  • New Orleans: $69,000
  • Baton Rouge: $68,000
  • Shreveport: $58,000
  • Lafayette: $57,000

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