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Louisiana is a state that has faced many challenges over the last 5 years. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina was felt state wide, but a new sense of vision and purpose can be seen taking over, making it an intriguing and exciting place to start a career. The state has been working hard on re-building its economy, and has focused on expanding the job market in many sectors, including and especially healthcare. After a less-than-satisfactory ranking on the list of America’s healthiest states, Louisiana is set to launch a massive education campaign designed to get its residents invested in their well being. Healthcare jobs are popular in Louisiana and are expected to be on the upswing due in part to Louisianans getting motivated to visit their healthcare providers for the tests and treatments they need to enhance and extend their lives.

The curriculum of Louisiana medical technician training programs is designed to prepare students for the wide variety of skills the career demands. This includes: math, haematology, microbiology, urinalysis, chemistry and more. Laboratory protocol and medical ethics issues are also addressed. The depth and detail to which each skill is studied depends of course on the type of program. Many include a practicum, and some also offer classes that help students enhance their job-seeking skills. When looking for a school, it’s important to consider many things, such as any specialty you may be interested in pursuing within the medical technician field. There are quite a few career colleges in Louisiana offering training for medical technicians. The NAACLA website (www.naacla.org) is a good resource for finding accredited instructional programs in your area. Once your career has gotten off the ground, you’ll need to keep your knowledge fresh by continuing education. Continuing education units (CEU’s) or points show that you are current in your knowledge in your chosen field. The ASCP calls for 36 points every 3 years. The Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners requires 12 contact hours (1.2 CEU’s) per calendar year.

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