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Louisiana Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - LA

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Louisiana

Annual salaries for nuclear medicine technologists employed in Louisiana can vary significantly based on locality.  On the low end, the average wage paid to nuclear medicine technologists practicing in Shreveport, Louisiana is $47,000.  On the other hand, average expected annual salaries are higher in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, at $54,000 and $55,000 respectively.  The overall average nuclear medicine technologist salary in Louisiana is $56,000 a year.  The highest annual salaries are those awarded to nuclear medicine technologists who are proficient in specialized techniques practice for which there is great demand.  These specialties include nuclear cardiology and therapeutic dosimetry.  In general, nuclear medicine technologists trained in a wide range of therapeutic techniques have greater earning potential and superior career prospects.  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will sixteen percent more positions to be filled by nuclear medicine technologists in 2018 than there were in 2008.  This above-average growth in career opportunities will be supported by an increased number of elderly and middle-aged Americans who will need the diagnostic and therapeutic expertise offered by nuclear medicine technologists.  Advances in nuclear medicine technology will also likely result in new imaging procedures and therapeutic techniques, further spurring demand.  However, the job market for nuclear medicine technologists is anticipated to remain competitive.  Aspirant nuclear medicine technologists who can boast strong educational qualifications will enjoy an advantage in this competitive environment.

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