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Nuclear Medicine Technologist Schools in Louisiana - LA

Nuclear medicine technologist schools in Louisiana are approved and accredited by the Louisiana Radiologic Technology, Board of Examiners. The minimum standards for accreditation are modeled upon those promulgated by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification, and the Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Radiologic Technology.  Through their educational training, hopeful nuclear medicine technologists gain skill in performing diagnostic positron emission tomography, also known as PET scans, and learn to give doses of radiopharmaceuticals as a form of patient therapy.  In clinical settings, they gain experience with patient management and the proper handling of radioactive materials and equipment. 

Studying nuclear medicine requires a firm foundation in certain prerequisite subjects at the post secondary level, particularly the biological and physical sciences.  Those with the career goal of working as licensed nuclear medicine technologists should take college courses in anatomy and physiology, biology, physics, chemistry, advanced mathematics, and statistics.  Students have the option of taking these important courses as part of an associate’s or bachelor’s program that also offers an advanced curriculum and terminal degree in nuclear medicine technology.  Another option is to pursue a graduate degree or certificate in nuclear medicine technology after graduating from a reputable undergraduate institution with a major in one of the physical or natural sciences.

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