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Louisiana Registered Nurses Salaries

As there are a variety of nursing occupations, salaries can vary greatly. While nurses generally earn an average of $53,000 (12 percent below salaries nationwide), other types of nursing are more lucrative. Below are a few average salaries for different types of nurses in Louisiana.

Perioperative Nurse: $36,000
Psychiatric Nurse: $52,000
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: $69,000
Family Nurse Practitioner: $72,000
Emergency Services Nurse: $51,000

Salaries also differ from city to city. Below are salaries for Louisiana’s largest cities.

New Orleans, Louisiana RN Salary: $63,000
Baton Rouge, Louisiana RN Salary: $65,000
Shreveport, Louisiana RN Salary: $54,000
Metairie, Louisiana RN Salary: $63,000
Lafayette, Louisiana RN Salary: $55,000
Lake Charles, Louisiana RN Salary: $63,000
Kenner, Louisiana RN Salary: $55,000


Advancement Opportunities in Louisiana

If direct contact with patients is not your ideal position, consider teaching, supervising or training other nurses in a hospital or academic setting. Many hospitals and clinics need experienced RNs in administrative roles, as well.
You can also return to school, going beyond required continuing education courses, and earn a master’s degree or doctorate that would enable you to specialize in a more lucrative nursing field, such as nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. There are three doctorates you could earn: a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD), a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or a Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS).

Registered Nurse Schools