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Veterinary Technician Schools in Louisiana

Training to Become a Veterinary Tech in Louisiana

Veterinary technicians in Louisiana are already in high demand, and the need for them is expected to continue for years to come. Louisiana has a large agricultural sector, creating a strong need for veterinary technicians qualified to work with farm animals and horses. In addition, pet animals today need ongoing care for their medical needs, which also creates demand for veterinary techs. An additional demand factor is that older veterinary technicians are now reaching retirement and leaving the work force; these workers need to be replaced. In Louisiana, a lot of veterinary technicians work with veterinarians who specialize in large animals, including horses and farm livestock. Other veterinary techs work in animal hospitals, generally with cat, dogs, and other small animals. Other employment possibilities for veterinary technicians include working in animal rescue operations and shelters, jobs with animal control agencies, or positions with zoos or biological research labs.

Both community colleges and online Louisiana vet tech schools provide accredited two-year veterinary tech programs. These programs offer the associate of applied science (AAS) degree. Practical experience is important for vet techs--accredited programs require an internship, usually completed over eight weeks between your first and second years. The internship is generally in an animal care environment such as a shelter or veterinary office.

Students planning to become veterinary technicians should only enroll in programs that are accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association ( Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities. In Louisiana, you need to  have a degree from an accredited program and you must also pass the AAVSB VTNE exam to be eligible to register with the state. 

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Veterinary Techs in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport, Louisiana can prepare themselves for careers at some of the best animal hospitals and facilities in the country.
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