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Become a CNA in Maine

How to Become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) in Maine

After successful completion of a Maine CNA certification program, students must take a state administered competency test or a Bridge Examination. This test is divided into two parts: a written/oral section and a skills demonstration section. A score of 70% or above will equate to official certification. Nurse assistants cannot apply for CNA registration without proper training and certification in Maine. Furthermore, employers cannot lawfully employ anyone as a CNA without first checking the CNA Registry to ensure active status.

The only exception to the rule is this, employers can initially hire someone as an CNA who does not appear on the Registry; however, this individual must be enrolled and graduate from a training program and achieve active status within four months from the start date of employment. If this does happen, the worker is terminated from employment. 

  • To register as a CNA in Maine:
  • Go to the MRCNA website and download an “Application for CNA Trained in Maine�? form.
  • Fill out the following information:
  • Personal identification data such as name, address, phone, number, date of birth
  • Attach a copy of CNA training certificate proving successful completion
  • Attach a copy of Social Security Card
  • Attach a copy of Driver’s License, Passport, or other government-issued identification card
  • Provide documentation of employment history and contacts
  • Attach a copy of criminal background history
  • Submit form and all attached paperwork to the MRCNA

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