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Maine CNA Salaries

After gaining active status on Maine’s Registry, CNA can begin to practice in Maine. Because most CNAs are employed in hospital and nursing home institutions, jobseekers should job search in Maine areas with high population densities where these facilities are more abundant, and thus, more jobs are available.

According to, CNAs in Maine are typically earning a salary of around $21,000 annually. The salary averages for the larger cities in Maine are as follows:

Portland:  $16,000/yr
Lewiston:  $17,000/yr
Bangor:  $20,000/yr
South Portland:  $16,000/yr
Augusta:  $17,000/yr

Salary and other occupational trends may change as a result of rapid employment growth for CNAs until the year 2018. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted the growth rate to be 18% above the national averages for all occupations combined. This prediction is based on the growing demand of CNAs needed to cater to aging demographics, population increases, and advances in medical technology.

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