How to Become a Gerontologist in Maine - ME

To learn how to become a gerontologist in Maine, you must obtain two to four years of training before you begin working in your field. Training typically takes place in a nursing home, clinical, or hospital environment (e.g., Maine Medical Center, Mercy Hospital, St. Josephs Hospital, or Brighton Medical Center), and can be paired with graduate coursework.

When you train to become a geriatric nurse practitioner, audiologist or psychiatrist, you have the option of exploring a number of careers within your field or rounding your skills in one particular aspect of gerontology. Either way, you will begin your training by observing or assisting a licensed professional in your field, who will grant you more responsibility as you become more comfortable with performing your daily tasks.

Some gerontology professionals in Maine do not have to undergo any formal training or certification before they begin their careers. Instead, they gain at least two to four years of hands-on experience in their fields. This is common for gerontologists/researchers, social workers, and event planners, who begin their careers as assistants and build their way into higher positions. Since these positions do not require any type of gerontology certification, they are not as strictly regulated.

Gerontology Schools