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Healthcare Administration Program In Maine - ME

Prospective healthcare administrators seeking a healthcare management degree in Maine are well advised to pursue an advanced degree.  Although a bachelor’s degree may be sufficient to qualify a candidate for a low-level management position, those with master’s degrees will have greater opportunities for advancement and salary increase.  Most professionals hoping to become healthcare managers earn a master’s degree in healthcare administration, public health administration, health services management or another business management specialty related to healthcare.  These degrees are offered by a variety of universities, medical schools, business schools, and schools of public health and public policy.   Students who pursue degrees in healthcare management take courses in general business principles and practices, as well as in healthcare related fields such as hospital operations and organization, medical record keeping, healthcare economics, and medical ethics.

In addition, healthcare managers often have a degree in a substantive healthcare field, such as medicine, nursing, physical therapy, or epidemiology.  Those who eventually become healthcare administrators often spend time working in a healthcare profession before returning to school for a management degree.  Administrators whose job involves overseeing a clinical department within a larger facility usually have a degree or work experience in the applicable clinical field.  Because admission to schools in Maine offering healthcare management degrees can be competitive, prospective healthcare administrators should have superior educational credentials and professional experience.

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