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Lactation Consultant Salaries in Maine - ME

The median lactation consultant salary in Maine is about $65,000 per year, which includes the figures of recently certified lactation consultants. What this means is that you will be earning a substantial amount of money as a lactation consultant in Maine, even though you may be freshly out of school and lack the professional experience that more seasoned colleagues have.

Maine retains one of the highest breastfeeding rates of all the states, with an average of 75% of all children being breastfed between birth and 6 months. This is an astoundingly high rate as most states average out at around 45% to 50%. This means that breastfeeding in Maine has been realized as the healthiest form of nutrition for newborns, and lactation consultants in Maine can expect to find employment opportunities that will help continue this trend.

While you may not be earning top dollar as a beginner in this field, you will inevitably add onto your experience as you continue on. Involving yourself with La Leche League of Maine can have a direct affect on your annual salary. Your collaboration with this group can help you take a stand about the positive impacts of breastfeeding, as well as help you to become professionally recognized.

Because salary is often affected by geographical location, below are some lactation consultant salaries in Maine by city:

  • Bangor: $60,000
  • Lewiston: $50,000
  • Portland: $48,000
  • Sanford: $48,000
  • West Scarborough: $47,000

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