Long Term Care Class in Maine - ME

Maine is committed to helping all of its citizens lead safe, healthy and productive lives and offers training for those involved with the long term care of the elderly and those with a disability who have difficulty caring for themselves, regardless of their age.

For example, Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services has a 50-hour training program approved by the Office of Licensing and Regulatory Services that is required for individuals who would like to work as a personal care assistant. This long term care class is given by providers at locations throughout Maine and covers personal care, including bathing, dressing, toileting and transfer, home management and the aging process and disease.

Maine also offers a wide variety of behavioral health training resources across the state for individuals interested in, or currently working in, the behavioral health field, such as those who work as direct support professionals with adults with developmental disabilities including mental retardation. The entire curriculum requires 45 classroom hours and covers 14 modules, including an overview, patients’ human as well as legal rights, confidentiality, guardianship, making choices, being part of a community, planning, documentation, communication, behavior, sexuality, teaching, health and safety. In addition, first aid is required as well. Themes stress personal boundaries, empowerment, independence, respect and self-respect.

Long Term Care Schools