Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Maine

Medical Billing & Coding Salary in Maine - ME

With the falling of the economy, the time for attending school is more crucial now than ever. Today, choosing the right field is the most important because even the highest educated individuals are losing employment. If you live in Maine and are looking for a secure job position, you should definitely look into the medical field. Medical billing and coding is one of the hottest growing in the medical industry. The schooling is quick and the salaries are great. When first entering this profession the average Maine medical billing and coding salary is around $20,000.  Once you accumulate 5 or so years of experience, the average Maine medical billing and coding salary is well over $40,000 annually ( You can make much more, depending on the degree you hold.

Although there are some employers in Maine who are looking for administrative skills, your ability of ensuring employment and higher pay will be easier with a background in medical terminology and medical billing and coding. Your chances of getting hired without the education could be slim to none if another applicant holds the education factor. Once you have the certification that you need in medical billing and coding, you will be able to make 20% or more than an uncertified biller and coder and you’ll be able to search for jobs easily, especially with the high rate that are hiring right now in Maine. The medical field is facing a shortage in multiple areas, medical billing and coding being one of them.

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